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Blogger sitemap : Create and submit

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Sitemaps are a unique way to build friendly relationships with search engines. Today's post is about how to create a blogger sitemap. Here we will discuss what a sitemap is and how to create a sitemap for Google.

A website operator just needs to have an idea about the sitemap. Because through this sitemap a website operator builds a relationship with the search engine. In today's event I will discuss sitemaps and how to create a sitemap for your website.

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What is a sitemap

A sitemap is a XML file through which search engines get a complete description of a site. Just like if you have a map of a world, you can easily find the road, just like search engines have a sitemap of a site, it is easy for search engines to collect all the information of that site. Sitemaps are made up of descriptions, tags, titles, etc. of different content blogs of a site. It was originally built for the WordPress platform. Sitemaps are commonly called XML sitemaps. Because this is created in the sitemap.xml file.

Why are XML Sitemaps require?

A web site operator will only acknowledge that the success of a website depends on the relationship between the website and the search engine. In other words, based on the amount of information that the search engine gets about the website, it increases the chances of showing the website to the search engine results. And this site collects detailed information about a search engine website through maps. In other words, search engines know all kinds of information about what kind of information you are uploading to your website, content, content, etc. through sitemaps. So you can call it a part of SEO. With the help of which a website can rank in search engines.

How do I create a Sitemap?

blogger sitemap, sitemap, how to create xml sitemap, xml sitemap, sitemap for blogger

In fact you can create sitemaps manually. But if you can't create it manually, no problem. Because nowadays it has become very easy to create a sitemap. There are various blogger sitemap generators that will make your sitemap absolutely free. And for this, if you type the website you need to create a Google sitemap and search, you will come across a huge list of websites. Here I will tell you in detail about creating a sitemap in such a process.

To create a sitemap, first go to and copy the link to your website in the box you will see and click the Start button. Sitemaps for your website will be created automatically in a short time. Once the sitemap is created, you can download it to your website at www or https file. Once the site link of your website is downloaded, it is ready to be uploaded to the search engine. However, if you use the WordPress platform, they have the option to create automatic sitemaps with their own plugins. From there you can automatically create a sitemap with the help of plugins.

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Upload to Google

After creating a sitemap you need to add sitemap to google. Here I will discuss in detail to upload the sitemap of the web site to Google. You need to submit your Sitemap to inform Google about your website and for proper indexing. You can use Google's Webmaster Tools for this. Go to Google's Webmaster Tools and enter the Sitemap option from there.

After logging in here, you enter the search console> add property of Google Webmaster Tools and provide the URL of your website. Then the verification site will open in front of you. For verification, upload the file in the format that you are usually asked to upload. You can later upload that file to your website. When the verification is complete, success will be written in the menu on the right. This means that the sitemap of your website has been successfully uploaded.

In fact, a sitemap is essential to let Google know about your website. It is very easy to create and can easily rank your website. So you can create a sitemap for your website.

Last Word

I hope you understand what blogger sipmap is. Also, if you have any queries about the sitemap, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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How to write a comment for quick approval

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In this article we will discuss how to write a comment on a blog or web site.

You have a website or blog site. Want to rank that site. Then you must rely on SEO.

You can read this post to know What is SEO? How it works and its types.

Blog commenting is basically a major part of off-page SEO. With the help of this you can increase the ranking of web sites or blogs. You can also bring a lot of organic traffic to your site from search engines.

So let's see how to write a comment for a blog.

What is a blog comment?

write a comment, How to write a comment, blogger comment, write a comment in html, write a comment on pdf,  how to comment on articles,  how to write a comment structure,  how to give good comments,

Blog commenting is the process of making a link to your site by commenting from the comment section at the bottom of the article from your nice related site.

The blog article you comment on must be relevant to the post. Blog comments increase the amount of your backlinks. The fact is that the connection of your blog with other blogs is the blog comment.

Importance of blog comments

One of the backlinks of off-page SEO is blog commenting. For those of us who want to get links easily, blog comment is one of the most preferred link building methods. And even if the on-page is right, the keyword is not being ranked for the authority, then your backlink becomes vital.

When you submit a new content but Google is not indexing it, but if you want to index it, you have to do a backlink. Then you can easily index.

In terms of traffic, if you can make blog comments relevant, you will get some traffic, but if you make irrelevant comments, you are more likely not to get them. Try not to spam the comment and the comment is 4/5 lines. And try to comment between 1-3. 

How do you write a comment effectively?

Any blog writer loves to hear relevant comments about their posts. So the comment should be made in such a way that the author gives priority to your comment. And then you will get the desired back-link.

Below are a few steps on how to write a comment to get approved quickly. Let's see what those steps are.

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That is something to keep in mind when commenting

Read the comments of those who have already commented at the beginning. Take ideas from there and try to comment better than them. Don't copy their comments.

  1. Mention the name of the writer or author at the beginning of the comment.

  1. Give a complimentary thank you.

  1. Try to give suggestions on what to add to a particular point of the article by highlighting a specific point.

  1. Then discuss the pros and cons of the post. At this time, technically try to come up with your keyword and anchor this keyword and backlink.

  1. Comments should be as concise, constructive, informative and sweet as possible. I personally leave comments between 50 and 100 words. What you write in the comments should not be incomplete.

  1. If you want to provide a link, add relevant and topical value to the content. Then you have to give the link of your site in the middle of the anchor text. If the site does not provide a dofollow link, link via html code.

  1. Always use simple words while avoiding difficult words in comments. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and no grammar mistakes.

  1. Mention the author's name at the end of the final comment and end with a compliment so that readers will be satisfied with the reading.

Note: You need to read the whole article nicely to know about the content of the blog post and as a reader you have to respond through comments. Be a real commenter, not a spam commenter. There is no alternative.

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Don't make that mistakes when write a comment

  • Do not over optimize with keywords in the name section.
  • Do not use your full name in comments.
  • Using fake or inactive e-mail.
  • Using email not connected to Gravatar
  • Commenting on Nice other than Nice Relevant.
  • Comments are not relevant to the topic.
  • Spam comment writing (Wow, Super, Nice etc types)
  • One comment is copied again and again and used in different places.
  • Direct URL (Naked Link)
  • URL given on name
  • Personal attack on someone.

Last Word

If you comment according to the rules described above, there is a possibility of approval very soon. So whenever you write a comment for a site, remember these things. If you have any advice or opinion about this post, don't forget to let us know in the comments. And if you find this post useful, be sure to share it with others.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

How to write a blog post: 12 Effective rules

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Content is the king of any website, so if you want to do good blogging, your blog content must be quality. 5 to 10 quality posts are better than 100 unqualified articles. So it is important to know how to write a blog post.

The better the writing, the more Google will bring their blog to the forefront of search. So it takes a lot of time to write a single post better than posting on a blog to count posts. If you don't like your blog post, how will google or your visitors like it?

Get ideas from Google search for what you want to write about.. Did anyone else post about that before you? If so, try to write better than them.

Read 5-6 more articles related to your article. Count the important words from there. Only add words related to your article to the post. You will only get ideas from other people's posts, not copy and paste.

Write an article on the blog that everyone likes and wants to read a second time. Write on the blog in such a way that visitors can learn something new and want to share. Below are 12 proven tips for writing a blog post.

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Understood your readers

Before writing an article, you must first understand the needs of the reader. Consider whether the content of the post is compatible with the blog. For example, if you post about beauty tips on insurance related sites, will insurance readers be very happy to read beauty tips?

Certainly not, because readers who come here learn about insurance, not beauty tips. If you do that then no one will come to read for the second time. Even Google can ban your site.

In addition to the needs of the reader as well as relevant articles for the blog is very important. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to get search visitors from specific keywords.

Blog topic selection

To write an interesting blog post you must choose the topic of writing. Write on blog topics that you know very well. Then of course your writing will be considered as good quality writing. Don't choose something you don't know.

If you are writing a blog post about something you don't know, it will take you some time to research it. Also, if you write about an unknown or little known topics, you will not be able to express it well. Even, it will not be able to attract visitors.

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That's why when you write a blog post, think about what you understand best, and write articles. Remember that no matter what, good quality writing can be successful.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing a good quality article.


The introduction should be very neatly arranged so that any viewer can understand the whole article after reading the 1st paragraph. So write a good introduction.

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Use title

The title is a very important topic for blog writing. At the beginning of writing, you must consider the title very carefully. Because 80% of the readers want to read an article after seeing the title. If a viewer doesn't like your title, he or she will never read your article.

It is very important to give the title very well. The better the title of the article, the more likely visitors are to read the article. If your title is not beautiful then no matter how good your writing is, no viewer will want to read your writing. Because a text is judged by the title. You will need to use a few H2 headings depending on the length of your text.

Features of actual search engine friendly headlines
The title should be written in 5 to 6 words.
Use anyone power word (e.g., best, strongest, major, challenging, perfect)
Use any one number
Using a bucket (not required)

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Grammar and spelling

If you want to write a good blog post, you must use proper grammar. Avoid using misspellings. Visitors will lose confidence if they find misspelling or grammar errors. As a result, they will leave your site. So, revise the post well before publishing. It is important to focus on spelling and grammar.

Visitor Attraction

Start writing in a way that attracts visitors from the beginning. Because, visitors always like to read about something that attracts them. Whenever your writing is interesting, visitors will spend more time reading your writing.

Highlight some fun, and some unknown things in your writing that visitors have never read before.If visitors find something new or instructive in your writing, they will like it. Only when they like your writing will you achieve perfection.

If visitors don't read your post, that writing will have no value.Before writing an article, you must have a good idea about this article and write it to attract visitors.

Use pictures and videos

When writing your blog post you need to use beautiful pictures according to the subject of the blog writing. So that the viewers can understand the subject of this article by looking at the pictures in the middle of your article. Use infographic if possible.

So that visitors can also collect information from pictures. You can even present a video related to your writing. There are many users who do not like to read the article for a long time. They try to know that information through video, in this case video is very necessary.

Motivational conclusion.

Add a motivational conclusion at the end of the writing. The summary of the topics covered in your entire writing should be summarized in a motivational conclusion. Users like it very much.

Using thumbnail images

You must use a thumbnail image to make the blog post interesting. The thumbnail image is the image that appears with each post after entering a website or a blog.

The more interesting the image, the higher the click through rate on that article. So when posting a blog you need to create an optimized, and beautiful thumbnail image.

A thumbnail image is crucial for clicking on a blog post. It has been found that about 25% of visitors want to read / watch a blog post or a YouTube video depending on the image.

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Use tags

Use a few tags about your writing. Just as tags in a blog post are important for search engines, they can also be user-friendly. The user will continue to read your blog post when they see the tags. Then his clear idea about your post will come. That's why using a tag in a blog post is very important.

Determining the category

After you write a blog post / article, you must select a category before publishing it. So that a visitor can easily find a post in any category by clicking on that category. Therefore, before publishing the article, it is necessary to determine a category that matches the category or the article. Select the appropriate category for the article to reach the audience. Both visitors and Google like it.

Use table of content

Use of Table of Contents. A table-off is a tool or rule that, if posted too long, will display each headline in the form of a table at the beginning of the text, and the user will go directly to that headline by clicking on the header that they wish to read. Table of Contents is actually used for long content. There is no need for a table of contents for minor content or writing.

Last Words

Hope you will like this post about "How to write a blog post: 12 Effective rules". Follow these rules to write yous blog posts. you may will get result. If you steel have any question about this post, let us know with the comment box. You can also share this post on social media to help others. 

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16 Popular Blog Topics Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Do you want to know which blogs are more popular? Then take a look at our post today. Here are 16 popular blog topics.

The most important of the things that the future of a blog depends on is the blog topic or blog niche. So when starting a blog, find out which topic is popular and profitable.

What is a blog niche? 

Simply put, suppose you are exporting sunglasses to different countries. In the language of blogging, "sunglasses" are your niche. So, we can say that a blog that publishes a variety of articles on a specific topic is called a blog niche or blog topic on that site. 

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There are two types of blog niches.

  • Multi niche blog or niche blog
  • Micro niche blog

What is a multi-niche blog? 

Multi Nice or Nice Blog is a site where articles are written focusing on a few keywords. Suppose you also export some jackfruit along with mango. The highlights of our blog are online income, education, blogging, and lifestyle.

What is a micro niche blog?

A micro-niche blog is a site where articles are written about a specific topic. Micro niche blogs are created based on a specific keyword.

For example, there are income tunes at present. All articles on this site are on online earning, and this is the topic of the blog.

Multi niche blogging vs. micro niche blogging

popular blog topics, blog topics that make money, successful blog topics,

Suppose the SEO of an article on an online earning micro niche is 10 and the SEO score of an article on the same topic of a multi niche site is also 10. So who will Google give the first position? Here the micro niche site will compete with the niche site. Because Google likes micro niche sites.

Multi niche sites will be bookmarked by anyone and no worries about re-visiting. But for a micro niche site, it is possible to find specific customers who will visit the site regularly.

For example, suppose I follow a site to find out about new software, which site do you follow? cricbuzz, cricinfo, or ESPN are definitely visited regularly! So it is understood that if you do a micro-niche site, you will definitely get some regular visitors.

Since your topic is very specific, only 1 quality article a week can keep your site strong. But to keep the traffic on the site nice, you must publish an article every two days.

Your organic traffic to the micro niche site will depend on the demand and SEO of your site topic. But if for some reason the demand for your topic decreases then the traffic will decrease. In this case multi niche site benefits.

Niche sites have a few topics, so different types of visitors come from search engines. And once a visitor comes to the site, if the internal link-up of the site is good, they are interested to read some more articles. In other words, the backup plan of a multi niche site is better than a micro-niche blog.

Which one for you? Hope you can decide for yourself now from the discussion above. But, I would say, if you want to do personal blogging alone, start a blog with a micro-niche.

Because you are definitely not good at everything. After adding a topic to the site and writing a few articles, if you can't find anything to write about, it won't be good for the site.

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Top 16 Profitable Blogging Topics - Popular Blog Nice

Well, before you decide what kind of blog to start, find out about the most popular blog topics. The following 16 successful blog topics make money Because they have a lot of traffic.

#1 Online earning blog niche

Our youth feel interested in freelancing. Every day thousands of young people are looking for ways to earn money online, which means it is quite a hot topic. If you have a good idea about freelancing, you can try to give the right guidelines through blogging.

There are many apps and sites from which you can earn money, these can be very good blog sites. If you blog online with income tips, you can earn money from Google Adsense as well as affiliate marketing. Many sites like Fiber offer affiliate opportunities.

#2 Education & Learning related blog

One of the most popular blogging topics without any argument. The education and learning sector itself is a huge sector. We always want to learn new things and there is no end to the things we learn.

So you can start a blog with what you are good at in this sector, be it computer training, C programming, coding, English education, or academy. There are a lot of ads about education all over the world, so hopefully, AdSense CPC will get better.

#3 Tips and tricks related blog 

popular blog topics, blog topics that make money, successful blog topics,

Blogging with tips and tricks from different platforms has long been a popular topic. For example, blogs can be done with tips and tricks for using Windows or Linux operating systems. In this case, readers can be found for the blog from different places. But you have to have a very good idea about what you are writing about.

You need to avoid giving wrong information. When writing tips and tricks, you have to take care that it is easy and smooth. It would be great to have enough screenshots or pictures with the text to explain each step.

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#4 Blogging niche related blog

Although there are many bloggers at present, not everyone is as experienced, not everyone knows everything. Moreover, many people are joining blogging to make money online, this is how you come to know about blogging now.

There is no shortage of topics on the blog site. Blogger, WordPress, SEO, Search Console, Adsense, Affiliate, and many more. Many blogs are head over heels with just one SEO and are earning thousands of dollars. The future of the blogging niche is much brighter.

#5 Blog about Personal Finance 

As people's money increases, so does their risk with money. Many of us have problems with management and investment. Every day we search for such problems where investing money will be more profitable or where money will be safe.

If you are experienced in this field, you can start a Personal Finance Investment Blog to guide us.

Finance is a big sector, there are a lot of subcategories in this topic. Some of the topics of Finance are Investment, Mutual Funds, Money Management, Savings, etc.

Many large banks and financial institutions advertise so the Google AdSense CPC rate is much higher. So there is a chance of good income in the Finance Nice blog.

#6 ”HOW TO” Blog Niche

What is more than half of our keywords searched on Google, why, how? So there is a lot of demand for HOW TO blogs. Such blogs usually do not have a specific topic, but basically have answers to questions and solutions to various problems.

For example, is it possible to fly a man with a balloon? How many rollers are needed if possible? Or why twins? If you are a mystic and interested in finding solutions to questions, you can open a blog like this.

#7 “Product Review” is a popular blog topic

popular blog topics, blog topics that make money, successful blog topics,

News of new technological innovations is coming every day. Adding all the new gadgets. This includes laptops, mobiles, accessories, and other types of daily necessities.

Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few. In fact, the buyer first sees, reads, tries to understand and then decides to buy. So you can create a gadget review blog. In this case, you can also make an affiliate with a link to buy the product you are reviewing.

  • Smartphone reviews
  • Laptop Review
  • Gadget Review
  • Movie Review
  • Book reviews
  • Software Review

#8 Health and Fitness is a profitable blog niche

Who is not, health-conscious - such a question is less likely to get a negative answer. Everyone is more or less inquiring about their own health. Try to keep your body fit. On the other hand, women, as well as men, are still becoming aware of the figure. Due to this, the number of readers researching these issues is increasing. So you can create your own health blog.

You can do them through pictures or videos on how to exercise them. You can easily give tips to keep your health in order for busy people. Exercise list like to do to create a regular exercise. You can give tips in the comments section of the blog according to the needs of the readers.

#9 Motivational blog niche

In mechanical life we ​​rarely get frustrated. Failures hold us back. With motivation, you can help us to turn around again through motivational blogging.

So your popularity is just waiting for a promotion. Use social media and let others know using other forums. You can also tell about your site by guest blogging.

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#10 Lifestyle blog niche

Lifestyle means but not just blogging about shirt pants and saris. Lifestyle blogs can be blogged with tips about family, relationships, family, friendships, culture, office life, fun festivals, fashion.

Most of the visitors of Lifestyle Blog are women. If you can have good content, every one of your female visitors can become permanent. Moreover, statistics show that women click more on ads than men.

So you have the opportunity to make more money from Adsense in the Lifestyle Nish blog. Moreover, girls shop more online, so the income from affiliating will be more than this niche.

#11 Recipe blogging

In this age of globalization, our culture, food habits are spreading beyond the borders of the country to other countries. Foreign food is becoming popular in the country. Again, the attraction of foreigners towards our food is also increasing. In this case, recipe sharing sites or YouTube videos can have a lot of roles.

You can also contribute to that role. If cooking is your hobby or profession, then you can also blog about these things. You can create fun items, serve them and bring your recipes to the court of the world.

#12 Tour and Travel

popular blog topics, blog topics that make money, successful blog topics,

You can create your own travel and tour blog to review any tourist spot. In this case, the blog can be made with the description of the cost of going to the spot being reviewed, what is there, accommodation, food, natural beauty.

Tourists like to know these things first before going to any place. So such blogs are on the list of tourists' preferences at the beginning.

#13 Blog about Beauty Tips

People just love beauty. Everyone likes to look beautiful, especially girls. We try our best to retain the beauty.

If you have experience in this field, you can write thousands of articles on beauty tips and beauty-related blogs about skin, hair and scalp care, normal glowing and dry skin, oily, pores, aging, freckles, pimples, brown, dermatologist, etc.

Moreover, nowadays boys are also becoming aware of their outlook, yet more than 70% of the visitors of the Beauty Tips blog are women. So the huge industry of beauty tips has a lot of income opportunities from CPC, affiliate marketing, and paid counseling.

#14 Sports blogging

You can name any country in the world where sports are not popular. People all over the world spend their precious time behind sports. It is not wrong to keep the news of the game in the middle of the busy schedule of the day.

There are many blogs focused on sports. But it's a blogging thing that has no category of traffic, people from all walks of life are passionate about sports.

So the sports market is much more open and it is possible to bring a lot of traffic. Thousands of articles are written every day, millions of tweets are player-centric and game-centric. If you are a crazy sports lover, you can earn money by blogging on sports topics.

#15 Celebrity Gossip blogging

If you see the news of various celebrities, do you avoid reading it? Definitely don't go. There are many more industries including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood.

There are many more media outlets besides so many industries. If you follow popular actors and actresses on social media, you will get the topic of article writing.

#16 Computer programming

popular blog topics, blog topics that make money, successful blog topics,

The need for computer programming cannot be overstated. It is compulsory to learn to program in the computer science department. There are a lot of resources online for this. Even after so many things, there are many opportunities to blog about programming. Simply explain with examples. Although the topics can be covered from the beginning, the world of blogging can be conquered with programming. If the blog is made popular, monetization can be done easily. There are plenty of programming languages now. You can start with the best.

Last word

In the popular blog niche article we have learned about niche key, what kind of niche, multi-niche, and micro-niche key and the difference between them, facilities, we know 16 best blogging topics, as well as many subtopics.

Not all blog topics can bring success for everyone. So which blogging niche will be profitable for you, what topic will I create a blog on ? which is the best blog niche idea? Or, if you select the topic of creating a blog (blog niche/topic) will get success! Here are 3 things to keep in mind when looking for answers to these questions:

  1. Demand
  2. Skills
  3. Manpower.

Rely on your knowledge and skills. If you select Blog Niche just by looking at the popularity of a blog category, you will lose the logistics of article writing after a while and your willpower will be lost.

So you need to know what blogging is for you first because many people start blogging and leave because of some wrong decisions. If you want to blog alone, you should start a micro-niche blog.

If you want to connect with two or three people as well as more people with membership, start a multi-niche blog. If you want to customize the blog yourself professionally, you have to learn the settings and start learning on-page SEO slowly.

We hope you find your favorite blog niche from popular blog topics. You have also found the answer to which blogging will be profitable for you, on which topic you will create a blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

16 keyword research tools for more advanced SEO

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Keywords are the most important part of any SEO strategy. Because it is through these that the viewer finds you. If you are new to SEO, it is important to have an idea about this. Otherwise, you will not get success. Here is a list of the best keyword research tools of the current standard. Using these tools you will get the keywords you need for your site.

We will discuss a few more topics before moving on to the main discussion. These discussions will help you understand more. Then choose the best keyword research tools for you.

What are keywords?

When someone searches for something online, they type a word or phrase into the search engine's search box. Basically, this word or sentence is the keyword. For example, you want to buy a Samsung phone. Want to type in the search box to find out about that phone?

  • Samsung phones
  • Samsung's new phone
  • Samsung phone at low prices

Maybe he wrote one of them. And each of these is a different keyword. You can know more about "what are keywords?" 

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization. Keyword research is about researching the possible phrases that a user can search for by typing in order to find out about any subject or to find something necessary online.

The job of a professional search engine optimizer is to find an alternative search term for any search. In other words, the key to keyword research is to research multiple words on the same topic. Keyword research is needed to bring a specific topic to the beginning of search results.

What is a keyword research tool?

Another name for any online or offline application tool. The application or tool with which keyword research can be done is called a keyword research tool. Most of these tools are online. There are very few tools that work offline.

So far there is only one tool to do. However, there is no shortage of this number in English. And today's topic, the keyword research tools we're talking about, are all for English. Let us know about some of these useful tools.

9 keyword research tips for ranking on Google

Useful keyword research tools

In an article, it is necessary to do research before optimizing for keywords. And good quality tools are needed for keyword research. Today's event is with 10 such tools.

Google Adwords: Google Keyword Planner

keyword research tools, keyword generator,  google keyword planner,  keyword finder,  keyword tool io, keyword generator free, google keyword,Google keyword planner is what most bloggers and website owners use as top-notch. Google's keyword research free tool has been a favorite of many for many years. This is a very useful tool not only for keyword research of new websites but also for old and business websites.

Being a Google product, the biggest advantage of this tool is that it displays data directly from Google. And we all know that keyword research is aimed at Google.

Google Trends

keyword research tools, keyword generator,  google keyword planner,  keyword finder,  keyword tool io, keyword generator free, google keyword,

Most keyword tools use historical data. As a result, most of the time old data comes as a result. In other words, in all those tools we get old information. Maybe it's a month ago or a year ago.

But if you want to get new data or information, that is, what people are looking for now or what they are searching for, then you have to use Google Trends. Because it will keep you updated on the latest trending topics.

Google Search Console

keyword research tools, keyword generator,  google keyword planner,  keyword finder,  keyword tool io, keyword generator free, google keyword,

Google Search Console is a completely free yet powerful SEO tool. Many just use this tool to check clicks and impressions. But it goes without saying that it is an effective keyword tool. Because it can be used to track the performance of the website. Provides data on which keywords the website is ranking with.

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You need to log in to the tool to see the location of your keywords. Then click on the "Performance" option on the left and scroll to see which position your keywords are in. You can work on the keyword that has the best position. This will allow your site to rank faster.

Keyword Sheeter

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Keyword sheeter takes a lot to think about how this tool works. Just press Enter with a seed or seed keyword and see that keyword show! Shitter will come up with a bunch of keywords for you as a suggestion.

This tool can provide about 1000 ideas per search. Which you can export for free. Also, a notable feature of this tool is the negative keyword research option. So, choosing a keyword for a website or a specific page is really easy.


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Jaaxy is another keyword research tool. It provides thousands of related keyword ideas. You will find information about the keyword you are verifying, its competition, search volume, and potential traffic.

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Get information about how your competitors are ranking. Information about their website's meta tags, content quality/length, backlinks, and ad space can also be found here. You will have to spend $49 per month to get these benefits.


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Soovle is a very nice keyword tool. With this one tool, you can find different keywords for Google and YouTube. There is no need to use different tools for this. Soovle also allows you to research keywords separately for almost all platforms, including Bing and Amazon.

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Surprisingly, this tool gives you suggestions on keywords from Wikipedia and even This tool will offer some keywords from different platforms that your competitors may not even know.


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SECockpit is a very easy-to-use and professional SEO tool. You can use this tool just like any other keyword tool. It provides quick keyword ideas and analyzes competition. Provides you with readable data. So you can find great keywords.

We know that many keyword tools rely on Google for competition scores. This information can sometimes be incomplete. But SECockpit provides this information more accurately. Due to which if you search with any seed keyword you will get a detailed list of results.

Answer the Public

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Answer The Public This is one of my favorite tools for a blogging career. With this, you will get a beautiful and innumerable idea of the questions that people have in mind about a niche or keyword.

Which will give you a clear idea of what topics you need to cover in your writing.

If you want to use this keyword generator-free tool you have to go

First, you need to log in. After logging in, select the location by typing 2-3 words about your niche or keyword.

Remember that they are suggesting that you search by typing 2-3 words because they will be able to collect a lot of data for you.

They are both paid and free. For free you will get the opportunity to do a limited search.

You can use this tool for free in the beginning and later when you start earning money from your blog, you can use the paid version if you want.

Keywords Everywhere

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Keywords Everywhere is an extension of the Google Chrome browser. In addition, it works as an add-on for the Firefox browser. In other words, no matter which browser you use between the two, there is no problem. Just install the browser and simply do the keyword research.

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This tool will provide you with search volume, CPC, and computation data.


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Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool that allows you to cover all the useful aspects of keyword research.

Neil Petal has launched this Ubersuggest application. It is basically a paid tool. But initially, you can use the free version if you want. If you want to provide detailed information, you need to use the paid version.

Using the free version, you can only research three keywords three times a day with an email ID.

Moz Keyword Explorer

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In the case of keyword research, not only the search volume but also the competition is very important. The Moz Keyword Explorer tool will tell you how much competition it takes to get a keyword rank, that is, how difficult it can be to get a rank.

Moz Keyword Explorer can be used for free. However, to use this tool for free, you need to open an account on their official website.

Keyword Tool Dominator

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This tool is extremely useful for those who are associated with affiliate marketing. This tool is especially useful for those who are looking for affiliate marketing free software. If you want to do keyword research for Amazon, ATC, and eBay, you should use Keyword Tool Dominator. However, it works similarly to other platforms, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.

Keyword research with Google Search suggestion:

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This method is very simple but it is a very effective method. This allows us to easily find our desired keywords.

You need to go to the Google search bar and type any keyword related to your niche.

Just like in the 1st picture below I wrote about making money online.

Notice, Google is suggesting to me some more automatic keywords as soon as I write it.

This is because people search on Google with such keywords.

So you can easily get a good idea about your potential keywords with the help of Google search.

Let's take another look.

Give a space before the keyword you entered first. For example, in the second picture, I have given a space before the word makes money in the case of the keyword to make money online. Immediately, Google is suggesting many more long-tail keywords.

This way you can take the help of Google search to get a good idea about keywords before working with any niche.

Dear reader, I have a bonus tip for you, first, you choose a long-tail keyword.

And you will notice that when you do a Google search, whether Google is suggesting various popular social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, various YouTube videos, and various posts in your search results?

If such things come up in Google rankings, then you will understand that if you work with such keywords, you will be able to come up in Google rankings effortlessly.

Wordtracker Scout

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Wordtracker Scout is Like Keywords Everywhere. This is a Chrome extension. Adding the extension to Google Chrome will show all the important keywords of that website just by clicking on it while it is on any website. It's a lot like a keyword density checker, but better than that.

The Hoth

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It is a tool that allows us to do a lot of good keyword research for free. For that, you need to register on this site.

Then, go there and type in your desired or targeted research, and click on the search bar.

For free, you can collect all the information including search volume, search location, trending, and competition, CPC, using this tool.

The Hoth collects all the information for you from Semrush.

keyword research tools, keyword generator,  google keyword planner,  keyword finder,  keyword tool io, keyword generator free, google keyword, is a very useful keyword research tool for keyword research.

With this tool, you can get ideas about different keywords only for free.

Because if you want to get an idea about other things, you have to pay for it.

For that, first, you have to enter this website Then search by typing any keyword related to your target or niche and you will see that it will give you an idea about many keywords.

You can collect all the keywords you want by selecting them or by copying them to a CSV file or keyboard by selecting specific keywords.

It can be one of the best tools available for free.

And this tool basically collects all the information from Google Keyword Planner.

One of the great features of this tool is that it allows you to search for keywords for other search engines besides Google such as YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Twitter, and many more popular search engines and social media.

Last word

If you are a blogger, owner of a website, these 10 keyword research tools will help you in many ways. Even if you are a digital marketer, these tools will help you in market research. Hopefully, you will check all the tools and select 2/3 for yourself from here, and save the article by sharing it in your timeline.